Rebecca Hungerford, The Pewter Shop

Traditional Bowls, Porringers, Serving pieces and Vases

Quaich NEW! - a traditional Scottish vessel
used in weddings and business compacts.
4" bowl $48

Revere bowl - a classic
8.75”x4” $90

Self-footed bowl
8”x2.75” $75

Rolled Edge bowl - great for serving
(same as on my video)
6.75”x2” $45

Small bowl
5.25”x2” $22

Large Porringer - a traditional baby gift
Also great as wine bottle coaster,
or for serving candy or snacks.
5.25”x1.5” bowl $40

Small Porringer
4”x1” bowl $26

Covered bowl - great for margarine tubs or candy
5.8”x2.75” bowl $60

Chip’n’dip - pieces can be separated
4.75”x3” bowl, 9.25” base $75

17th c. bowl - randomly polished
7.75”x1.5” $40

Half pot vase - hang on your wall and add flowers
4”x3” $30

Milk pail - or for flowers, pencils, picnic flatware
4.4”x3.75” $40