Rebecca Hungerford, The Pewter Shop

Traditional Gift Ideas

Plain napkin ring
1.5” diameter

Rolled edge napkin ring
1.75” diameter

Salt cellar and spoon $20

Speader 5”
goes well with cheeseboard or chip’n’dip

Tasting spoon
dip one end in soup or stock and by the time
it travels to the other end, it’s cooled.

Coffee scoop
double size

Wine tasting cup on a silk cord
Pair it with a wine bottle coaster

gardener (with 4 green ribbons), heart, acorn or book
$10 each, last ones

Letter opener $18

Luggage tag (front)
specify 3 raised initials

Luggage tag (back)

Key ring
specify 3 raised initials

Inkwell and quill $30 last ones

Door knocker $50

Wind chimes (very quiet)

Baby cup
heart cut-out in the handle

Baby spoon (front)
with heart cut out in handle to match baby cup

Baby spoon (back)

First curl, first tooth boxes
$28 pair

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