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Contemporary Funerary Urns and
Ecclesiastical Work

Ginger Jar Urn

Ginger Jar

inspired by the lovely heart shaped leaves of cultivated
ginger etched and colored pewter with copper accents.
Suggested area for engraving on lid.

as shown:
body 7h x 14 w, 12 fluid cup capacity

Georgian Sampler Urn

Georgian Sampler

Drawing on fashionable funerary wall samplers from
the mid-1700s to early 1800s, this vessel can include
either or both figures posing with the miniature urn
in front of the stylized willow. Spun and cast pewter,
etched and colored area, brass and copper accents.
Suggested area for engraving on lid.

as shown:
14 diameter x 10 total height, 11-12 fluid cup capacity.

Zen Garden Urn

Zen Garden

Designed to allow one to create and meditate.
Etched and satin pewter. Included are sand, assorted
rocks, a pewter bridge, moss and a wooden rake.

as shown:
12.5 x 7.5 x 2.75, 10-11 fluid cup capacity.

Butterflies Urn


A symbol of re-birth, change, transcendence,
freedom and the resurrection of Christ.
Spun pewter, silver wire, copper, brass, foil and wire.

as shown:
11 x 8.5 , 12 fluid cup capacity

Clouds Urn


Peaceful, simple and glorious. Spun pewter,
imitation gold leaf, silver wire.

as shown:
7.75 h x 8.25 w, 12 fluid cup capacity

Heart Boxes Urn

Heart Boxes

These contemporary boxes are designed for families
who wish to divide the ashes. Each group assembles
as one heart shape. Because of their irregular forms,
not all are equal in capacity. Each box could be
engraved simply (name and dates) on the side.

Satin and acid-etched and colored pewter.

2 part as shown:
11 x 12, total 11 fluid cup total capacity

3 part as shown:
11 x 12, total 11 fluid cup capacity

4 part as shown:
13 x 13, total 10 fluid cup capacity


These and other vessels for ashes may be commissioned
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Refinement, Transformation, and Variation urns
available from Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns LLC


Communion Set
First Presbyterian Church, Niles, MI.

Fairplain Presbyterian Church, Benton Harbor, MI.


Other ecclesiastical vessels may be commissioned
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